Where to find Gagarin in Starfield?

Where to find Gagarin in Starfield?

Starfield allows players to explore over 1,000 planets, moons, and spaceships across a galaxy containing dozens of systems. Sometimes, due to the breadth of the game, it’s easy to overlook some very interesting places. Every major city like New Atlantis or Neon has smaller cities that you might not even notice, including one on planet Gagarin. Here’s our guide telling you where to find Gagarin in Starfield.


Starfield – where to find Gagarin

Starfield spends a lot of time introducing players to the three major cities, but  Gagarin’s Harbor  is still an interesting place to visit with its own history (kind of like  Cydonia  on  Mars  ). To find Gagarin, you need look no further than the Alpha Centauri system.

Where to find Gagarin in Starfield?

Gagarin is a planet located in the lower right part of the Alpha Centauri system. It’s easy to overlook (and I’ve done exactly this myself over 100+ hours of play) because when you go to Alpha Centauri, you’re usually going to New Atlantis.


Gagarin has several attractions of the usual type. You can find the  Reliant Medical building, Terrabrew Coffee  kiosk   , etc. However, there are also warehouses and residential buildings. A key place to check is  Clint’s Collectibles  . This may even be your main reason for visiting.

At Clint’s Collectibles you can buy the Marathon, an unusually good pistol. Clint De Haven  , the store’s owner, also sells  Dragonstar Force Vol 1  , an item you’ll need to complete the  Media Sponge side quest  , which you can access while visiting the residential parts of Sidonia. Be sure to buy a copy of the book and take it with you to Sidonia. You can also visit Gagarin to complete tasks related to other missions obtained elsewhere in the game, so be sure to be aware of his location.

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