Where to Find Hopetown and HopeTech in Starfield

Where to Find Hopetown and HopeTech in Starfield

In Starfield you will explore many galaxies and pilot many ships. Their manufacturers operate huge shipyards. Some of these yards float in the atmosphere above distant planets, while others are a little more mundane. One of the leading manufacturers is HopeTech, a small town named after its founder. Here’s our guide telling you where to find Hopetown in Starfield.


Ron Hope is the creator of Hopetown, where the HopeTech shipyard is located. The vessels and parts produced at the facility are admired throughout the galaxy.

Starfield – Where to find Hopetoun

You can travel the planet on your own and find activities to keep you busy, or you can make multiple visits while working for the  Freestar Ranger Collective faction  . You will find Hopetown on the planet Polvo in the Valo system.

When you look at the star map, you won’t see Valo. It’s next to the display name  Narion. Narion, in turn, is located near the starting point of the game – the  Alpha Centauri system  . Hover over Narion, press the button to confirm, and then select the  Valo system  from the list. Inside Valo you will find  Polvo  , located to the left of the shining sun. The planet is marked with the usual icon, indicating the presence of a large settlement on the planet.

If you’re not rushing to Hopetown, you’ll still get there as part of the Freestar Collective questline. This is a pretty fun little faction questline, and as a reward for completing it you’ll receive the Star Eagle, which has been my ship of choice for traveling star systems for most of my time in the game.

How to find HopeTech in Starfield

HopeTech is a building in HopeTown  that will be  next to the landing pad  when you land in HopeTown. Look for a building that says “HopeTech” and is stylishly plastered in gold. The entrance to the large building is on the right.


Hopetoun has several attractions. In the main  HopeTech building  you will find most of the NPCs of the location. However, some of them are located outside or in adjacent areas. After fast traveling, you can see  a ship maintenance technician near where you spawn. He will sell you a lot of good ships if you have enough credits. You can also purchase  HopeTech ship parts  for use in Ship Builder. Before you leave, be sure to thoroughly explore the area.

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