Where to find Lumitoils in Genshin Impact

Where to find Lumitoils in Genshin Impact

Lumitoils are Nevillette’s Ascension materials introduced in  Genshin Impact version 4.1  . Here’s where you can quickly farm Lumitoils to level up your characters right away!


Best Farming Route for Lumitual

Lumitoiles can be found in or near bodies of water in northern Fontaine. They look like purple-blue starfish and are sometimes difficult to spot underwater. They like to hang out on the sides and tops of metal underwater structures, so if you don’t see them on land, try looking up. 

There are currently 79 Lumitoils in the world. You can view the full route on the interactive map if you want to mark it along the way. None of the spawn zones are quest-locked, so you’ll be able to get to them without having to do any world quests. 

Note that  some of the Lumitoils are in an underground tunnel  . The tunnel can be accessed by jumping into the pool of water on the east side of the Millennial Pearl Seahorse arena.

Like other local delicacies, lumitoils are revived 48 hours after being harvested.

Where to buy Lumitoils

Unfortunately, there are no NPCs that sell Lumitoils.


How to use Lumitoils

Lumitoils are used when ascending Nevillette and possibly other characters in the future. You’ll need 168 of them in total, meaning you’ll have to clear your world a little over twice to get enough. If you’re in a hurry, try raiding an alien world, although you should always ask before you take anything!

There are currently no crafting or cooking recipes that require Lumitoils.

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