Where to find repair kits for Starfield ships (locations)

Where to find repair kits for Starfield ships (locations)

Space combat is a fact of life for a star traveler in the Starfield, and there are many dangers associated with it. Even if my ship survived, I soon discovered that it was badly damaged by enemy fire and was in dire need of repairs. With no obvious way to fix the damage, I decided duct tape would do the trick. I applied the patch and went to another star system, but was destroyed in an ambush. To help you avoid getting a taste of the vacuum like I did, we’ve put together this guide to show you where to find ship repair kits and how to use them!


Where to buy Starfield repair kits in Starfield

To purchase ship repair kits in Starfield, all you need to do is visit a local vendor in any major settlement. Here is a list of all the major retailers who have ship repair kits in stock:

Planet Area Name of shop
Jamison, New Atlantis Commercial area UC Distribution Center
Wally Alpha, Wally system neon core Newill’s Goods
Volli Alpha, Volli system Neon Core Sieghart’s Outfitters
Jamison, New Atlantis Spaceport area Jamison Mercantile

Other Ways to Get Starfield Repair Kits in Starfield

There are several other ways to get Starfield Repair Kits in Starfield if you run out of money. Winning battles with other spaceships often results in receiving ship parts in a loot container that is left behind in the spaceship’s wreckage after the battle.

By greeting and offering to trade with merchants and other ships, you can quickly receive a shipment of ship parts, as passing ships often have them on board. If you are a real space pirate, you can also board ships and capture them against their will! Cutting off the engines of unsuspecting ships and boarding them also ensures that they don’t put up too much of a fight. Plus, you even get a brand new ship that you can claim for yourself, potentially allowing you to ditch your old, broken ship.

How to use Starfield ship repair kits in battle

Once you engage enemy ships in Starfield, there is a chance that they will be able to get through your shields. Once this happens, they will begin to damage the integrity of your hull, which acts as your ship’s health bar. To stay alive, press O on your keyboard or the right stick on your Xbox controller to begin immediate body repairs. Keep in mind that the effect will not be immediate, so use this ability early.

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