Where to Find Sons of the Forest Pickaxe?

Where to Find Sons of the Forest Pickaxe?

Where to Find the Sons of the Forest Pickaxe ? To get this pickaxe , you will need to find the location of the new cave.

The Pickaxe is a new item added to Sons of the Forest and can be found in the new cave added in the last update. As with most items found in caves, you’ll have to travel pretty far to find this item, and you’ll also need a rebreather to get to it, so make sure you come prepared.


You might be wondering what exactly you need a pickaxe for when there’s nothing to mine on the cannibal-infested island, but that’s not entirely true. The update also brings Solafite, a resource needed to upgrade weapons, so naturally you’ll need a pickaxe to mine it. With that in mind, here’s the Sons of the Forest dig location and where to find the new cave.

Sons of the Forest Pickaxe Location

Where to Find Sons of the Forest Pickaxe?

If you want to find the pickaxe, you’ll need to find the new cave in the northeast corner of the island. There are two small lakes connected by a river, and the cave is located just north of the larger of the two. You can check the exact location on the map above.


The cave entrance is more of a hole, but luckily you’ll find a conveniently tied rope there, allowing you to climb inside. When you go down the frighteningly long tunnel, you will reach solid ground. You’ll need a light source to see where to go next; If all you have is a lighter, it will do the trick.

Follow the tunnel until you come to an underground stream, then follow the water until you come to a drop-off. Use the rocks on your right to get down to the pool. This is where you need the Rebreather, so equip it and jump into it. The tunnel is long but linear, so follow it until you reach a larger cave.


From here, go in the only direction you can go. To your left is a door made of wood that you can break to get the bakery recipe. Go outside, go right and follow the tunnel until you reach a water slide. Once you reach the bottom you’ll need to swim once more, so dive in and follow the narrow tunnel until you reach an area where you can surface. There is a narrow place to get out of the water with a broken wooden fence nearby. Go through here and dive again into the next pool.

When you emerge from the water on the other side, you’ll be greeted by several hanging dead men. This sight might not get your hopes up, but you’re almost there – head towards the light source on your left and you’ll find the pickaxe stuck in the Solafit bed next to the stepladder. Once you get your reward you can start mining immediately, or if you want to get out of the cave in a hurry you can follow the tunnel forward and eventually you will find a series of ropes to climb that will take you back to the surface.

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