Where to find sub-detection blocks in Genshin Impact?

Where to find sub-detection blocks in Genshin Impact?

Detection Units are mechanical bugs found around Fontaine in  Genshin Impact  . They’re a local delicacy used to climb Wriothesley, so if you’re going to catch one, you might want to start growing them now.


Best farming route for sub-detection units

Sub-detection units can be found on land in the Fontaine areas where the Lissy and Fontaine research institutes are located. They can be found flying or sitting on objects. Notice their sparkling bellies and mechanical fluttering sounds. They don’t run away, so they aren’t hard to catch, although they are alarmed and will start flashing red. 

There are currently 69 sub-detection units around the world. In some locations, progress on certain world quests is blocked:

  • Four require partial completion of Road to the Singularity.
  • Three require solving a puzzle as part of the quest “Insidious Light of the Deep”. 
  • Two of them are located in Meropida’s Fortress, in the area locked behind the last part of Unfinished Comedy.

Our route on the official interactive map includes all 69 sub-discovery points, but you can skip areas you don’t have access to. These parts of the route are located towards the end (sections 12, 13 and 14).

Detection Units are mechanical bugs found around Fontaine in  Genshin Impact 

Like other local delicacies, sub-detection units respawn 48 hours after being collected.

Like scarabs, subdetection units are also considered wildlife. You can hit them to kill them and make them fall to the ground. However, they don’t disappear when killed, so you can still pick up their poor little corpses from the ground.


Where to buy subdetection units

Unfortunately, there are no NPCs that sell sub-detection modules.

How to use subdetection blocks

Sub-detection blocks are used when ascending Wriothesley and possibly other characters in the future. You’ll need 168 of them in total, meaning you’ll have to clear your world about two and a half times. If you can’t wait for them to revive, see if a friend will let you raid their world. Remember to always ask before you borrow materials from a co-op!

You can also catch them using Omni-Ubiquity Nets and add them to your kettle. They flash different colors when you get close to them, so they make cool pets. Note that if you catch it using the Omni-Ubiquity Net, it will be treated as a piece of furniture rather than a normal resource. Bugs you catch as furniture cannot be used as character ascension materials.


There are currently no crafting or cooking recipes that require subdetection units.


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