Where to find Sunbeam Tranquility in Starfield

Where to find Sunbeam Tranquility in Starfield

In Starfield you will get acquainted not only with planets and systems, but also with corporate brands of the future. One brand you’ll recognize is Tranquilitea, a great drink to wash down your latest Chunky feast. You can even buy the ingredients to make your own drink if you know where to find them. Here’s our guide telling you where to find Tranquilitea Sunray in Starfield.


Star Field – where to find Tranquilitea Sunray

As you explore  the drinks  , you will eventually find that you need the  Tranquilitea Sunray item  . Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find it in the desired form. To find Tranquilitea Sunray, visit the Tranquilitea store in Paradiso or Neon Core.

Paradiso is a great place to find Tranquilitea Sunray. You can find a luxury hotel/resort in the  Porrima system  , on  Porrima II  . Once you’re at the spaceport, go down the ramp on the right and follow the path to reach the main hotel entrance. Enter the lobby and look to the left where there are two beverage shops. You can buy Tranquilitea Sunray from  Polly Mac Coinnich  , the friendly woman behind the counter.


You can also find Tranquility Sunray in the Neon Core. Travel to  Volia Alpha  in the  Volia system  . Once you emerge from the fast travel, you should be on the main street leading through town, with many shops on either side. Get to  Ryujin Tower  at one end of the street. Not far inside the building and to the left you will find a tea stall. Delilah Stewart  would be happy to cater to your tea needs.

In both stores you will find the tea listed at the bottom of the Aid selection list. I found that the store in Paradiso sells more tea than the one in Neon City, but you should be successful at either location. As with most items in the game, there’s always a chance that you’ll find the ingredient somewhere else, but I prefer to look elsewhere knowing that my success is guaranteed.

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