Where to get chambas oil in Starfield

Where to get chambas oil in Starfield

Starfield has a ton of resources and materials needed to create recipes. Some are easy to find, while others may require different collection methods. Let’s take chambass butter, for example. You may not think this resource is useful, but you actually need it to create Aurora, a highly illegal stimulant. If you want to create Aurora in Starfield, let me explain where you can get chambassa oil.


Starfield: how to get chambas oil

Although there are several other ingredients needed to create Aurora, chambass oil is the rarest of all. There are two ways to get chambass oil in Starfield: buy  it from merchants or get it from chambass fish  .

These large aquatic animals swim in the waters beneath Neon, a city on Volia Alpha in the Volia system. But how to get there? Head to the edges of the Neon in Ebbside and look down  . You will notice that the city is located above a large ocean of water. Now just jump off! Make sure you have a working pulse pack and find a place where you can stand out of the water. I found this place with a small path over the water.

Now take out the scanner and you will spot the fish. Some are more predatory fish, but you should eventually see some chambass. Shoot them and their bodies will float to the surface. Since you can’t engage in combat while swimming, shoot the chambas while on land and then jump into the water to collect their loot. On their bodies you will find chambas oil  .

Otherwise, if you don’t want to get your hands dirty, you can always purchase this oil from sellers. Places like  Trade Authority, Jemison Mercantile, and even Newill’s Goods  in Neon sell chambassa oil. Due to their rarity they will be a little expensive.

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