Where to get Indicite Wafer in Starfield

Where to get Indicite Wafer in Starfield

Starfield offers players many adventures among the stars, but these amazing journeys often require preparation. Much of this preparation occurs through the game’s crafting system, but some of the required ingredients can be quite rare. This is certainly the case with the unusual Indicite Wafer plate. Accordingly, here is our guide telling you where to get Indicite Wafer in Starfield.


Star Field – where to get Indicite Wafer

You’ll need  the Indicite Wafer  to research  Helmet 3 Mods  ,  Spacesuit Mods 3  , and possibly other things. However, it is one of the least common resources available. To get Indicite Wafer, buy it from regular resource stores.

The most convenient place to get Indicite Wafer is Outland. Just quickly travel to  New Atlantis  and select  the Commercial District  as your destination. When you arrive, run forward, keeping an eye out for the first building on your right,  UC Distribution  . Just past this building and to your left, you can easily spot the  Outland Store  . The shop owner will sometimes sell you several Indicite Wafers at the same time. They are not expensive, but quite heavy.


If you regularly visit Outland and other similar stores, you will be able to gradually replenish your stock of most resources. This way, by the time you need them, you’ll have plenty on hand. If you haven’t already, I suggest buying a house and building some storage boxes so you can store a bunch of resources until you need them.

Even if you follow the advice above, you may need to get a bunch of Indicite Wafer right away. This effort will require you to make purchases in other places throughout the galaxy. Here are a few more stores worth checking out:

  • Apex Electronics (New Atlantis)
  • Shepherds’ Consumer Goods (Aquila City)

Indicite Wafer can be purchased not only in well-known stores, but also at outpostsIf there are no people nearby, it will probably be on a table, in a drawer, or in a safe. This item may be stocked by anyone you trade with, so always check with your local retailers. For example, I just found a merchant at  the Civilian Outpost  on Jamison who sold me some plates.


You can also find Indicite Wafer stored in cargo holds when boarding enemy ships. Unfortunately, you can’t get Indicite Wafer by making it on an industrial workbench like you can get some other resources. Basically, you have no choice but to buy it or steal it.

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