Where to get the Narwhal Class C spaceship in Starfield?

Where to get the Narwhal Class C spaceship in Starfield?

Where to get the Narwhal Class C spaceship in Starfield?

I can admit that I lack the brilliant imagination required to design impressive ships in  Starfield  . But what about shopping? If you need to upgrade to  Starfield  , I recommend calling Neon and asking about the Class C Narwhal spaceship.


There are many ships in Starfield  that you can buy or acquire for free. In fact, some of the game’s best ships appear at the end of the quest – without any money! But if you’re looking for both a powerful option  with  an ocean mammal theme, you might find it a little odd. Or you can head to Neon Core on Volii Alpha and visit Ryujin Industries. Few people know, but this shadow business is associated not only with corporate espionage.

Neon is home to the C-class spaceship Narwhal in  Starfield.

To find Narwhal, head to Neon and head straight to Ryujin Tower  . Take the elevator at the back of the lobby at Taiyo Astroneering. Once you reach the floor, go down the nearby stairs to talk to Veronica. She represents Taiyo, a spaceship parts manufacturer in  Starfield  , much like HopeTech or Nova Galactic. Tayo has an extensive list of ships for purchase, many of which are ocean themed, such as the Hammerhead or the Reef. But we need the last ship on the list – the Narwhal.


The Narwhal is a Class C spaceship, which means you’ll need to have your piloting skill maxed out to use it in the  Starfield  . It costs a lot at 423,946 credits, but as a mid-game ship it’s worth it for many reasons. Firstly, as a C-class ship, it boasts a powerful reactor capable of supporting some of the best weapons and modules. It can carry up to seven crew members and has a decent payload capacity. But most importantly, it looks damn cute.

Where to get the Narwhal Class C spaceship in Starfield?

Narwhal ship statistics

Variety WITH
Jump distance thirty
Crew 7
Shield 995
Fuel 560
Hull 2118
Load capacity 1760
Laser 25
Ballistics 114
Rocket 86
Weight 1593
Price 423 946

Narwhal also has several useful habitat modules. It includes a control station, a science laboratory, a captain’s quarters, a workshop and a general purpose berth. Overall, the Class C Narwhal starship is a fantastic option for those looking for something mid-range to complete their first run in  Starfield  . Keep in mind that you will need to level up your ship handling skill to maximize your crew.

Where to get the Narwhal Class C spaceship in Starfield?

If you’re low on funds, I’d recommend checking out the Crimson Fleet questline. No matter which path you ultimately choose, it will still reward you with a cool 250,000 credits.

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