Where to get Titan in Starfield

Where to get Titan in Starfield

Starfield has many planets scattered across different systems, but most of them have materials very similar to what we find here on Earth. These materials serve as valuable resources that can be used to craft equipment that will make your journey through the stars more enjoyable. One of the most useful resources is Titan. With that in mind, here’s our guide telling you where to get the Titan in Starfield.


Star Field – where to get Titan

Titanium  is a valuable resource that is rarely found in the wild. To get Titan, find sellers who offer it, or check out planets like Pluto. However, you also need a way to extract it. A regular cutter just won’t do the job.

You’ll find the Titan listed for sale at UC Distribution in New AtlantisSome other vendors may provide it from time to time, so be sure to check with any vendors you encounter at outposts or in other cities. However, when I need something of value, my first stop is always  UC Distribution  . Its location is very convenient, near the edge of the commercial  area  .


Titanium is also available in rocks on planets such as Pluto or Saturn’s moon Titan. I landed in the  Ice Mountains biome  on  Pluto  and almost immediately found several places to mine  titanium  , just a few steps from my ship. It was truly a pleasant sight. If you’re having trouble finding  Pluto  , look in  the Solar  System. It is a short distance in the upper left corner of your  star chart from the  Alpha Centauri system  . See screenshot above.

Unfortunately, you can’t use the Cutter to get Titanium. Even if you recharge your cutter, it will not cut through the stone. The only way to get Titan from a planet is to build an outpost and mine the resource. You need to unlock the Planetary Housing skill to be able to mine Titanium  , as it only seems to exist on planets with extreme conditions.

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