Where to hide Armillaria in Starfield?

Where to hide Armillaria in Starfield?

Somewhere during the main quest on Starfield, the Bornstellar attack the Lodge and the Eye. As a result, your precious Artifacts will remain safe in the hands of the Lodge, and once the hostility subsides, you will have to make a difficult decision. The artifacts must go to Armillaria, but this can be either an outpost or your ship. If you’re wondering where to hide Armillaria in Starfield, keep reading.


Starfield: The best place to build an Armillary is an outpost or a ship.

There are only two options to hide Armillaria: an outpost or your own spaceship. After the serious consequences of your last decision, you’re probably worried that your next decision might affect history. In my opinion,  your ship is where you should hide your Armillaria  in the Starfield since you are with your ship more often. Let me explain in more detail.

Armillary on the ship

All it takes to build an Armillaria on a ship is one click of a button. Inside your ship, in the cockpit, you should see a computer that allows you to instantly create Armillaria. It costs nothing and you can safely store Artifacts inside  . But this increases the likelihood that the Bornstellar will attack your ship from time to time. If you have a great ship for dogfighting, this is a good choice.

Armillary at the outpost

If you like creating outposts and you have an outpost with good defense, you can build an Armillaria here. Just remember that  it will cost you five titanium and three neodymium  , as opposed to assembling it on your ship. Simply go into the Outpost Builder via the Outpost Beacon and create an Armillaria. Make sure he has some protection installed, such as a weapon, as Bornstellar will attack your outpost.

Overall,  the best way to hide Armillaria on your ship is  . You are constantly using your ship, so you can keep an eye on Artifacts. But if he stands at an outpost, you can forget about him, and you can’t always be nearby and check. I would prefer to always have Artifacts on hand.

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