Where to sell KC skins at a good price

Where to sell KC skins at a good price

Experienced Counter Strike players know that a full-fledged market for in-game items has long been formed. Today, some skins cost, without exaggeration, a lot of money. Typically, if a player has hundreds or thousands of hours spent in Counter Strike, they will have a lot of skins in their inventory. Therefore, the question often arises of where to sell skins so that this process does not take much time.


Of course, many players actively use in-game items. However, most players almost always have skins lying around. Accordingly, it would be good to sell unnecessary items as quickly as possible, and at a decent price. This can be done without much difficulty thanks to the well-known AVAN MARKET platform.

Platform for selling skins from CS and other games AVAN MARKET

If you decide to sell CS 2 skins , then you will definitely be faced with the issue of finding a buyer. Of course, you can go to gaming forums and communities on social networks, posting your offers for sale. But all this takes an extremely long time, and, of course, there is no guarantee that you will find a buyer. Therefore, if you understand the question of how to make money selling skins, feel free to go to the official website of the AVAN MARKET platform. What is the platform:

  • Today, this is the best service for instantly selling skins in CS and other games;
  • Here you don’t need to look for buyers – AVAN MARKET itself buys in-game items;
  • It is possible to sell CS skins, both expensive and practically valueless;
  • 100% safe transactions. AVAN MARKET has a huge number of positive reviews, including on “TrustPilot”;
  • Transferring funds after transferring skins takes only 15-30 minutes. During this time, you are unlikely to be able to find at least a couple of potential buyers on your own;
  • A large selection of money transfer methods – you can receive funds to a card, cryptocurrency or e-wallet.

The most important thing is that AVAN MARKET offers an adequate price for any skins from Counter Strike. By collaborating with the site, you can be sure that you will definitely not undercut the sale of in-game items.

How to sell skins on AVAN MARKET

The process of selling gaming items is simplified as much as possible. Therefore, even the most inexperienced user can understand the functionality of the site. Follow the following basic instructions:

  1. Visit the official website of the service;
  2. Log in via Steam;
  3. Select items for sale in your inventory – on the right you will see their cost;
  4. Indicate the method of receiving funds and wallet/bank card number. As well as some other data (all strictly confidential);
  5. Click on the “Get money” button;
  6. Transfer skins to the buyer via Steam;
  7. Within about 15 minutes you will receive the money – the transaction has been successfully completed!

Agree that reliable cooperation with AVAN MARKET is much more profitable than searching for buyers on your own. Thanks to the site, you can sell skins right now. Therefore, when you urgently need money and there are in-game items in CS 2, AVAN MARKET is guaranteed to help you out.


Competent technical support is provided for sellers on the official website. If you have any questions, ask them in the online chat and get answers within a couple of minutes. AVAN MARKET is recommended by leading gaming bloggers on YouTube. Therefore, there is no reason to doubt the honesty of the service. Sell ​​skins not only profitably, but also safely. Start making money selling skins right now!

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