Which ship is better, Star Eagle or Holly in Starfield?

Which ship is better, Star Eagle or Holly in Starfield?

There are a lot of ships in Starfield  , but some of them are head and shoulders above the rest in their characteristics. Others will come to you for free, so you just need to spend a little time getting them and then decide which one to fly. This is the case with the Star Eagle and Razorleaf, both fantastic ships that can be obtained for free. Which one is better?


Star Eagle vs Razorfist in Starfield

The correct answer to this question is what you actually plan to do. The Razorleaf is a small, agile and incredible fighter, equipped with a shielded cargo bay to carry your belongings. The main disadvantage is the small number of crew and small cargo compartment. Star Eagle, on the other hand, has plenty of crew and cargo space, making it a fantastic ship to spend a lot of time on as you can really take advantage of the crew size and carry a lot of items.

So this question comes down to what you are doing in Starfield at any given time. Are you planning to break some laws and do something bad? Then Razorleaf is what you need. If you are in the mood for a flying family atmosphere and want to take as many people with you as possible, the Star Eagle is the ship for you. It should also be noted that from a strictly statistical point of view, Star Eagle is superior. It’s more of a flying tank, and the Razorleaf is a bit more fragile, but rewards more skillful piloting.


How to get Star Eagle

The Star Eagle can be obtained by traveling to Aquila City in Cheyenne and meeting with the Freestar Collective. You can find them all gathered near the bank on the main street, and if you complete their entire FC quest chain, you can get the Star Eagle ship at the end. This is a fun mission chain that will also net you good weapons and won’t interfere with your relationship with any other faction in the game.

How to get Razorblade

The Razor Leaf can be obtained at the very beginning of the game. When you fight Spacemen, check their bodies and you’ll eventually find a sign called “Secret Outpost”. After reading it, you will begin the quest chain “Lair of the Mantis”, which you can complete to obtain Razorblade.

Comparison of Razorleaf and Star Eagle stats

Attributes Star Eagle Blade
Variety A A
Hull 948 469
Shield 310 468
Jump 18 16
Reactor power thirty 19
Fuel 140 140
Cargo 2200 420
Lasers 12 6
Rockets 130 36
Particle beam 0 16
Ballistic 0 0
Electromagnetic 0 0
Crew 5 2


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