Worms Revolution Game is Free for a Limited Time!

Worms Revolution Game is Free for a Limited Time!

Worms Revolution Game is Free for a Limited Time!

While we were getting used to the surprises of Steam and Epic Games, now a surprise came from the GOG platform. This time, Worms Revolution , one of the popular games, has become free on the GOG platform.

You will need to purchase the game, which will remain free for a limited time, with your GOG account within the specified periods. Let’s talk about the game and the time it will remain free.

How Long Is Worms Revolution Free?

You have 2 days to get the game for free. After December 30 , the game will continue to be sold for a fee. Currently, its price is around 9 TL on Steam as part of the winter discounts.

But there is a difference. The free version given by GOG is the Gold Edition version. In other words, it is the version with additional content. There are 4 separate additional DLC packages in this version .

  • Customization Package
  • Funfair DLC
  • mars pack
  • Medieal Tales DLC pack.

When you buy the standard version, it is not included in the additional DLCs. The Gold Edition version is sold on Steam for a price of 199 TL. After providing this information, let’s add the GOG page of the game right here . Let’s talk a little about the game.


What kind of game is Worms Revolution?

I can say that it is a very fun game. You control crazy worms in a turn-based strategy game with a 2D gameplay structure . Your goal is to make the right moves and defeat your opponent by using the right inventories.

Let us also add that the long-term and very entertaining production was developed and published by Team17 Digital .

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