Xbox 360 Store Will Be Closed

Xbox 360 Store Will Be Closed

Xbox 360 Store Will Be Closed

Microsoft announced the date when Xbox 360 will close its store. Microsoft is taking big steps on behalf of Xbox. The company is acquiring major gaming companies. He makes them make special games for Xbox . It makes agreements with many companies for Xbox Game Pass , one of the brand’s most important services , and adds most important games to Game Pass. Microsoft is really trying hard for the Xbox brand. We can say that he is getting rewarded for his efforts.

For example, Game Pass has now reached many users and Xbox ‘s exclusive games are still selling well. However, despite all this, the sales of Xbox consoles still lag behind the sales of Plasytation consoles. Now, a statement has been made about the company’s old consoles. According to this statement , Microsoft will close the Xbox 360 store.

When Will Xbox 360’s Store Close?

Microsoft has made a very important decision about its old consoles, Xbox 360 . In its statement , Microsoft officially announced that the Xbox 360 store will be closed. Playstation closed the store of Playstation 3, which was released at the same time as Xbox  360 , 2 years ago. Now Microsoft has made such a decision. Microsoft announced that it will close the store on July 29, 2024. This event means that with the store closing, players will no longer be able to access new games, DLC or other content. Additionally, when the store closes, the Microsoft Movies & TV app will no longer work.

The company says that with the store closing, players should not worry about the content they own. The company even made a statement about this issue and said: “This change will not affect you playing Xbox 360 games or DLCs you have already purchased .” Microsoft continued the statement with the following words: “Previously purchased Xbox 360 game content will continue to be played not only on the Xbox 360 console, but also on Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X devices thanks to backward compatibility .”

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