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How to get the red and blue key card in No Rest for the Wicked in Payday 3

How to get the red and blue key card in No Rest for the Wicked in Payday 3

No Rest for the Wicked in Payday 3  is a pretty standard bank robbery. This is the first map in the game, and it’s quite user-friendly for series veterans. One of the main challenges is keeping track of the location of the red and blue key card, which you may need to complete the heist.


Where to get the red and blue key card in No Rest for the Wicked

To get the red and blue key card, you need to find two guards. They patrol the first and second floors, but which one has each card will be random each time you play through the level.

Location of the first key card in No Rest for the Wicked

To get the first key card, we need to get to the first floor. The easiest way to do this is to choose the best route from the very beginning of the heist. Regardless of where you spawn, go to the far right corner of the building where you will find a small locked gate. You can easily pick this lock. Just be aware of the guard in the alley ahead. Before you start, make sure he sticks to the corner of the building and moves away.

Walk down the alley, allowing the guard to walk ahead of you. You have no reason to interact with this guard at all, and you can get through this entire section without having to disguise or destroy the guard. When he goes behind the building, follow him, but stay close to the bank wall. When you get to the corner, there will be a camera. Stop, slowly raise the angle and make sure the camera is facing to the side. Have the guard come forward a little and walk under the camera as it turns.

Once past the camera, continue following the guard until you reach a metal staircase on your left. Climb up and find yourself on the roof. In the center there is a building that you can go into. The door inside is on the far side, but be careful because there is another camera here. If you go around to the left side, you will cover the chamber with an open door, allowing you to sneak inside undetected.

Go down the stairs until you reach the first floor. The first key card is with the guard who patrols this area  . You won’t be seen here even without a mask, so you’ll have to be careful. Slowly look outside the door to see where the guard is. It should be either to your left or to your right.

If he’s in the hallway to the left, wait for him to come back, let him pass, then crouch down, follow him out, and grab the card from his belt. Quickly duck back into the stairwell to avoid being seen by cameras or the guard. You now have a red or blue key card.

Location of the second key card in No Rest for the Wicked

To get the second key card, go up the stairs one floor. On the second floor, marked on the wall with a large number 2, you will find another guard patrolling. The pattern here is the same, except you’ll have to wait until he’s at the end of the hallway to your left. Wait until he’s there, then duck down and go downstairs without anyone in the office seeing you. Take the map from his belt and return to the central stairs.

Where to use the blue and red key cards

Blue and red key cards are used to open a series of security doors on the second floor and on the roof. From the stairwell entrance you will need to go to the right side of the building. Be careful as there are many cameras and guards that you will have to evade. Near the small seating area you can find a door that requires a key card. Scan the correct card and you can get inside.


If you keep walking around, you’ll find another door at the far end of a small coffee break area. Sometimes this will be a locked storage room door, depending on the randomness of your level. Finally, the last door may be on the roof, so go up there and check if you’re missing another door.

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