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How to properly press switches in No Rest for the Wicked in Payday 3

How to properly press switches in No Rest for the Wicked in Payday 3

When you try to break into the vault in the No Rest for the Wicked heist in  Payday 3  , you’ll be given a very simple instruction. One of the steps will simply tell you to click the desired switches. You get this after you hack into the computer to disable the security measures and then disable the power line.


How to properly press switches in No Rest for the Wicked in Payday 3

To toggle the right switches, you’ll need to open the panel next to the locked vault door and flip the corresponding color switch to the cable controller. None of this is explained particularly well in the game, so let’s go over exactly where you need to go.

Where to Find the Cable Controller in No Rest for the Wicked

The cable controller will be in the room you needed to access with the red key card. He can appear in three different locations, depending on the random nature of your heist.

  • On the roof of the bank, directly opposite the rooftop exit on the far side of the structure.
  • On the second floor, in the wall to the right of the stairwell, next to the common area at the back of the bank.
  • On the second floor, next to the elevators, if you go left along the stairs.

You should have already found this room to be able to hack into the Wixia computer there and disable the security measures. Go back to it and you will see a cable controller on the wall.

Previously you couldn’t access it, but now you’ll be able to interact with it to activate it. This will cause color to appear on the screen. Remember the color because it will tell us which switch we need to press. It can be green, blue, white or red.

Where to find switches

To find the switches, return to the stairs and go down to the first floor. Be careful down here. If you previously stole from the guard to get the blue card but didn’t go to the security room, you’ll need to keep a close eye on both the guard and the cameras. I strongly advise you to go to the security room (it will be in one of the three locations listed above) and eliminate the guard there so the cameras don’t see you. It would also be a good idea to kill the guard in the corridor and drag him to the stairwell. Before you do this, make sure you have at least one chance of radio trick left.


When the guard is finished, go along the corridor and interact with the panel with the red wire coming from it at the bottom left. Press the color switch you saw on the cable controller and the door between you and the vault will open.

How to open the Vault door

Now you still need to get into the actual vault. To do this you will need someone who can access it through an optical scanner. Walk back down the hallway as if you were heading towards the stairs. Continue past it and you’ll see a room on the left labeled “Manager’s Office.” Here’s the manager.

There will be a safe there that you can break into if you want to get some extra loot, and if you interact with the papers on the shelves you will get information about a safe that belongs to the head of Wixia. Take the manager as a human shield and lead him to the vault door. Poke them into the optical scanner and they will open the door for you.


Due to the fact that the guards in the main lobby of the bank can see you through the window, as at this moment it is easy to make a stealthy escape. Drag the manager with you to the vault and link it. You can then start searching the safes and prepare to break into the main door to get to the pile of money inside. Once the door opens, sets of dice will start timers, so interact with as many of them as possible to deactivate them and keep the money safe.

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