Utilizing the Transfer Container Feature in Starfield

How To Use Transfer Container In Starfield

Extracting resources from planets in Starfield requires a storage solution which is where transfer container comes in handy.

How to Build a Transfer Container in Starfield

The outpost construction system is quite intricate, offering access to a variety of additional building components to cater to your requirements. Extractors are responsible for mining resources from abundant surface deposits, while containers serve as storage units to hold these resources.

To construct a Transfer Container in Starfield, you’ll initially require the following resources:

  • Tungsten x5
  • Iron x 8
  • Lubricant x4

Once you’ve gathered these resources, you can proceed to construct the Transfer Container within your outpost. However, it’s essential to note that you must also construct an extractor and its corresponding power source to kickstart the resource harvesting process.

It’s crucial to recognize that each type of resource necessitates a specific extractor. For instance, you’ll need to construct an Iron Extractor for iron and a distinct extractor for Argon. This distinction is significant because the building materials required to construct, let’s say, a Cobalt Extractor will differ from those needed for an Iron Extractor. Therefore, always ensure you check the specific building materials required for each case.

How to use a Transfer Container in Starfield

Transfer containers help transfer whatever output you extract from planets, which can be solid, liquid, or gas. Without a transfer container, you must sit next to an extractor for days while it produces resources.

If you have a transfer container, the harvested resource is automatically moved to storage in your outpost. The following material is required for Transfer Container construction.
  • 4x Lubricant
  • 5x Tungsten
  • 8 Iron

Using a Transfer Container is a straightforward process. Once you have constructed and positioned your extractors, power sources, and so forth, enter ‘Build mode’ (Press the E key on your keyboard) while facing your extractor.

Within your options, locate the ‘Create Output Link’ function. On PC, the default button for this action is a right-click. Simply right-click, and you’ll see a red line extending from the extractor, connected to your reticle. Carefully guide this line to your Transfer Container; once you bring it close, it will automatically connect to the container.

To establish the Starfield Transfer Container Output Link, press the designated button (E) on your keyboard. By doing so, the output from your Starfield extractor will be efficiently transferred into the Transfer Container.

Starfield: How to collect items quickly

In Starfield, there’s a convenient method for swiftly transferring items from the Transfer Container without having to exit your ship. To achieve this, the initial step is to land your ship in close proximity to the Container Ship.

In cases where the terrain doesn’t permit a nearby landing, it’s advisable to construct a “Landing Pad.” After constructing the pad, you can then land your ship on it and access the Cargo Hold. Inside the Cargo Hold, you will find all the items from the Transfer Container readily available for retrieval.

How to shift resources from Transfer Container

Certainly, there’s more to it. You can efficiently move relevant materials to your ship when your container setup is prepared and operational. To begin, ensure your ship is positioned near your outpost. Once it is, navigate to your ship’s inventory and switch to the ‘Cargo Hold’ section. When cycling through various inventories, including those beyond the ship and character inventory, you will gain access to your Outpost’s Inventory.

At this juncture, it’s a straightforward transfer process. Take what you require, store items as needed, and so forth. It’s worth noting that on occasion, your ship’s cargo hold might not display an option for outpost inventory. In such instances, constructing a ‘Landing Pad’ for your ship can resolve this issue.

To further optimize your use of transfer containers, you can employ the ‘Cargo Link – Inter-System.’ This structure enables you to seamlessly transfer materials from one outpost to another, reducing the time required for traveling to a specific outpost to acquire specific materials.

How To Use Transfer Container In Starfield

Establish one of these cargo links within your current outpost and another within a different outpost of your choosing to streamline resource transfer. The cargo link consists of two containers: a red one for dispatching materials to other outposts and a green one for receiving materials from another outpost.

Once you’ve constructed the cargo link, replicate the same steps you followed to link the Extractor to the Transfer Container. However, this time, connect the Transfer Container to the red box. The Cargo link features a control panel that allows you to specify the outposts you wish to transfer to, which you can adjust as needed. With these simple steps, you’ll have a self-sufficient resource transfer system up and running in no time.

How to Fix Starfield Transfer Container Not Working

When dealing with Transfer Containers in Starfield, certain players encountered an issue where they wouldn’t function as expected. The reason behind this problem typically lies in their lack of connection to a power source.

To address the “Starfield Transfer Container Not Working” issue, it’s essential to confirm that the output line runs smoothly from the extractor to the Transfer Container without any obstructions. At times, the wires may be connected, but they might not be properly configured.

If there’s a substantial distance between the extractor and the Transfer Container, it may become necessary to include a power source in the series connected to the extractor.

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