What is Licker in Resident Evil

What is Licker in Resident Evil

The Resident Evil franchise   has introduced us to many creepy monsters. In addition to regular zombies, we’ve also had to deal with killer plants and, more recently, lycans. Liquor is a recurring monster, and quite a scary one at that.


Read on to find out where Lickers come from and how to deal with them in modern  Resident Evil games  .

What’s going on with Resident Evil Lickers?

As we learn in  Resident Evil 2  ,  Lickers is a failed experiment by the Umbrella Corporation. More precisely, they originated from the Epsilon T-virus strain  . They tend to live in colonies, one of which develops within the Raccoon City Police Department, where they give Claire Redfield and Leona Kennedy a hard night.


You will not have problems identifying the Liquor. They have a humanoid form, but their brains are exposed. Their fleshy skin exudes a slimy substance, they have sharp claws and a long, whip-like tongue. Due to a mutation, they have no eyes, making them completely blind. Consequently, they rely on their hearing to sense their surroundings.

How to fight Lickers in Resident Evil

Liquors are extremely lethal. They hide in the shadows and can sometimes be found stuck on ceilings. Ideally, you should avoid them, but sometimes it’s impossible to avoid crossing paths with one or two.

In the modern remakes of  Resident Evil 2  and  Resident Evil 3,  the Lickers will rush towards you if they smell you. Try to run, but don’t be surprised if you can’t escape because they are quite fast.


Lickers attack by swinging their sharp claws, causing significant damage. These claws are not to be laughed at and should be avoided at all costs. They can also whip you with their long tongue.

You can slip past Licker if you don’t make any noise. Keep your distance, move slowly (absolutely no sprites) and you’ll successfully sneak past without being detected. Remember, they can’t see you, so they’ll only know you’re there if they hear you.

If you just want to get rid of the monster, be prepared. In  Resident Evil 2 Remake,  pistols can buy you time, but you’ll waste a ton of ammo before you can take out a Licker with one. Instead, get the fire ammo. Liquors  hate  fire. Acid cartridges also get the job done.


Lickers in  Resident Evil 3 Remake  are also difficult to kill. Load up the assault rifle, point it at the Licker’s brain, and you’ll kill him in a few shots. In both games, monsters can also be killed with grenades.

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