All Dagath’s abilities in Warframe

All Dagath's abilities in Warframe

Dagath is the 54th Warframe and is themed around the classic figure of the Headless Horseman, and she deals damage to her enemies, inflicting upon them a terrible sadness that saps their will to live. Her design is quite interesting, very similar to a faceless cavalry rider in heavy armor.


All Dagath’s abilities in  Warframe

  • Passive: Bountiful Abyss  – Dagath feeds on the soul of the deceased. She has a low chance of creating Energy or Health orbs that she picks up that are 3 times more effective.
  • Scythes of Wyrd  – Dagath creates ghostly sickles that spin and expand around her, dealing viral damage to enemies hit and slowing them. If the Phantom Sickle hits an enemy affected by Phantom Wrath, it refreshes the duration of the curse and applies it to nearby enemies.
  • Doom  – Summons ghostly energy from his faceless head that quickly expands in a cone, dealing minor damage and cursing enemies with Phantom Wrath. Curse of Phantom Wrath can stack with multiple Doom casts and deals multiple damage while active. This will be indicated by the sickle icon above your enemy’s head.
  • Grave Spirit  – Dagath gains increased critical damage on all of his weapons and protection from the spectral realm. When she receives a killing blow, she immediately transforms into her ghostly form and dodges all incoming attacks for a short time. When exiting ghost form, Grave Spirit will enter a cooldown period before it can be used again.
  • Rakali Cavalry  – Summon five ghostly horses that rush forward at high speed and ram enemies, dealing massive viral damage. While Phantom Wrath is active, horses remove the target’s defenses whenever damage is dealt.

Dagath’s signature weapon is Dorrklav, a melee weapon with a whip and blade. It’s been a while since they’ve been truly meta (I’m sure many of us remember the days when Utterax won through spin), so it will be interesting to see how this fits into the game. After twenty kills or assists, Dorrklav enters a spectral state that doubles the weapon’s effectiveness and guarantees status effects for the next 20 attacks. When using Dagath, each active Status Effect heals her slightly, although this does not apply to other Warframes.

Dagath will arrive in  Warframe  on October 18th, giving us another Warframe to experiment with. It’s honestly hard to know at this point what impact the new Warframe will have on the meta, as some of them look great on paper but just fall apart when you put them into play.


I suspect Dagath will be a popular choice due to the emphasis on viral damage, which has been a very strong elemental damage type for some time now. Add to this that for many players the new meta is based on the sheer number of enemies on Steel Path Duviri, and Viral is definitely the better option. The real test will be survivability.

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