Payday 3

How to open safes in Payday 3

How to open safes in Payday 3

Robbing banks and snatching jewelry in  Payday 3  is fun, but beyond the main goal of each mission, you can find opportunities to increase your earnings. These could be caches of documents, money or jewelry hidden throughout the levels, but they will all be hidden in the safe. If you want to increase your profits, complete certain side achievements, or just figure out what Wixia is up to, you’ll need to hack the safe in Payday  3  .


How to crack safes in Payday 3

You can find safes hidden in locked rooms, behind key cards that you will have to steal, and sometimes just sitting out in the open in offices. They are almost always worth infiltrating by offering you jewelry, some cash, or documents that you can use to your advantage.

To break into a safe, interact with it and a clock face will appear on the screen. However, you cannot look around, so if you start shooting or are afraid of falling, press “Jump” to interrupt the mini-game. At the top of the watch face there will be a red downward arrow, a gray left and right arrow, and three dots at the bottom.


The dots represent how many numbers you still have to go through. At first, the left or right arrow will be bright gray, which means you need to turn the dial in that direction. Turn the dial as quickly as possible and watch when it starts to vibrate. This means you are getting closer to the desired number.

When you tap a number, the watch face will turn green and instantly turn back to gray once you go too far. If you’ve gone too far, come back as quickly as possible, otherwise you’ll have to restart the whole process again. Leave the dial on green until the lock is in place, then look at the hands again. The one in the opposite direction should light up and you need to repeat the process.

Do this three times until all three dials are in place, at which point the safe will be cracked and you can get to everything inside. As I said, you will be at risk during this process, so either do it quickly or wait for a break in the police attacks if you can’t get a friend to watch your back while you do it.

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